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Dakini Sensual Movement was created by Jeanine Caparoso. She is a passionate and lifelong student of many different styles of dance and yoga. As a yoga instructor, Jeanine began learning about the Dakini, and was inspired by the ancient texts that speak of the power of feminine energy. Jeanine was also an instructor for the renowned pole fitness company, S Factor, where she studied the art of pole dancing. With an insatiable appetite for pole movement and dance, Jeanine practiced with world champions, and continues to be inspired by aerial acrobatics. Jeanine developed Dakini as a way to share the empowerment of sensual movement and has helped scores of women celebrate their femininity is a fun, safe, and empowering way.
Crystal found Dakini Movement and its’ wonderful community of women while searching for a different way to exercise that could sustain her interest for longer than few months at a time. She started her pole dancing and fitness journey in March of 2013 through a Dakini Movement Introductory class. After watching the 2 instructors’ demo dance during the intro class, she was hooked immediately. Throughout her practice, she has learned to love and cherish her body for what it can do and not focus so much on how it looks. Thus far, she has competed in 4 pole competitions and have won gold, silver, and bronze medals in various categories. Enthusiastic about pole dancing from day one, Crystal eventually decided to become an instructor at Dakini Movement Studio in 2016 so that she can share the love she has for the movement with other people. She is grateful to be a part of Dakini Movement’s community of loving, kind, and supportive women.
Feeling a little bored and needing something different in life, Christine signed up for a Dakini class back in February of 2010 and has been here ever since! Like many people, she was curious about pole dancing in general, as well as getting tired of the monotonous gym routine. She was looking for a fitness program that was going to be motivating and keep her interest. The classes are physically challenging for all levels of fitness, yet fun. Dakini also brought her a level of self-acceptance by giving her the confidence to embrace her sensual side, have a more positive outlook on her physical appearance and become comfortable in her own skin. Christine is excited to be teaching classes at Dakini because she knows there are many woman out there looking for something more motivating, challenging, and, maybe most of all, rewarding! Christine welcomes the opportunity to introduce you to Dakini's world of sensual movement, and start you on your own journey!
Sydney started her Dakini journey at Onyx Mind Body in 2010 and fell in love with it after her first class and continues to love it even more as her journey continues. As a child, Sydney practiced gymnastics non-competitively up until the end of high school when she decided she was stuck in a rut with her practice. While looking for another experience to channel that energy and remain active, she found Dakini Aerial Movement. The movement was everything she had been hoping for and more. Through Dakini, Sydney found a true passion for a movement and for teaching and is thrilled to be able to share this passion with other women and lead them through their own exhilarating Dakini journey.
Having a passion for trying new things, Deja came into the Dakini Movement studio over 6 years ago. She decided to take on teaching at our studio in order to help further Dakini's message of inclusion and female empowerment. She likes to think of herself as more of a "coach" rather than a "teacher", and loves helping women discover the beauty in their individual bodies. 
Amy began dancing when she was 5, and has been trained in ballet, tap, swing, and color guard. When she stumbled upon Dakini in January 2013, she fell in love. Pole dancing was a new form of movement, expression, and strength to help her heal, de-stress, and grow. After competing in pole dancing three times, and winning once, Amy decided to retire, and focus on the benefits pole dance provides for her. Having traveled all over the world, Amy loves to call the Dakini studio her home, and always returns to teach her passion of pole dance.She became a teacher to help facilitate confidence and growth within the women of the studio. She loves the strength, creativity, support, and freedom of expression that the women of Dakini cultivate.
Kelly started with us at Dakini back in January of 2017, after a friend recommended our studio to her as a great workout class. She initially wanted a fun way to lose weight for her wedding, but after one month of classes with us, Kelly knew she was hooked for life! She has earned her brown belt in Tae Kwon Doe, and although she has no prior dance experience, Kelly took to our movement and free dance right away. In May of 2018, Kelly wanted to begin teaching at Dakini to share her feeling of lightness and empowerment with all of our students. She hopes to encourage beginner students to find their own movement style by sharing and exploring different combinations and styles of dance. Kelly is currently a substitute teacher for our Dakini Movement team.
Julia was introduced to Dakini by her mother, who is also an active member of the community. Though she did not have a dance or gymnastics background, she took to Dakini immediately. Throughout the past 6 years she has evolved her practice, exploring her movement and pushing her boundaries (and has earned a few battle scars to show for it!). Pole fulfills her physically through all the strength she has gained and also creatively through learning all the new tricks that are invented daily. She loves the freedom that pole encourages and has found a second home with her Dakini family. Julia is currently a substitute teacher for our Dakini Movement team.
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