Includes unlimited Video Library
Free ISS, ISP, drop (Choreo, Flex, Conditioning)
Special Pricing for Series and Packages
Single Class - $30 , Livestream - $15
5 Class Package - $125, Livestream - $62
10 Class Package - $200, Livestream $100
5 Week Series - $100, Livestream - $50
2 - 5 Week Series - $150, Livestream $75



$20 - Video Class
$25 - ISS, ISP or drop-in (Choreo, Flex, Conditioning)
Special Pricing for Series and Packages
Single Class - $40, Livestream $20
5 Class Package - $175, Livestream - $87
10 Class Package - $300, Livestream $150
5 Week Series - $150, Livestream $75
2 - 5 Week Series - $250, Livestream - $125

Packages expire 6 months from the date of purchase and can be used in any Flow or Tech series pending availability. Extra charges may apply for Specialty Series or B.E. Sexy. All Series purchases expire on the lsat day of the series.  All classes must be used within the same series. 

Series Classes can be found in the Enrollments tab. All Series classes are intended to be taken in their entirety, but may also be taken as drop-ins. You can  find Series classes on the Daily Schedule to book and buy as drop-ins.  Intros, Choreo, Flexibility, Conditioning, ISS (In-Studio Skills),  ISP (In-Studio Practice), and other classes can be found on the Daily Schedule. These classes (except Intro) are free to members, and can be purchased per class by non-members. Enrollment pricing does not pay for classes on the Daily Schedule. 

Check back for dates

Dakini is a pole fitness workout that is infused with sensuality. And… you’ll have so much fun, you won’t even notice what a great workout it is!  Dakini is for everybody! All ages (over 18), shapes, and sizes are welcome! No prior fitness or dance experience is necessary. Wear clothing that you feel comfortable moving in. We recommend yoga pants and a tank top. Bare feet or grippy socks. 

Dakini’s Intro Class  Signature Warm-Up, which will get your body in the mood to flow. Then head off to the pole and learn some tricks. Connect your movements in a short, choreographed dance routine. You’ll be amazed by how much you can accomplish in 1 hour!  Finish the class with a demonstration of advanced movements lead by the instructor(s. ) 

The class runs for 60 min and costs $25, redeemable with a B.E Sexy (or just start in B.E. Sexy) 

Thursdays @ 6:45pm with Michelle
Saturdays @ 10am with Ariel
Sundays @ 12pm with Jeanine
Mondays @ 7:30 with Jeanine

B.E. Sexy (Beginner’s Experience) is a 5 week series designed just for Beginners. During the first 4 weeks, learn 2 spins, the pole  climb, and the basic inversion, as well as a very sexy floor week routine. Put it all together in week 5… dress up and experience the your routine with music, lighting, video, and photography! These memories will last a lifetime! 

B.E. Strong, B.E. Empowered, B.E. eXpressive, B.E. YOU! B.E. SEXY!

 Take B.E. SEXY  as a series for $125. 

Run Time: 60 min 



Pole Flow and Pole Tech are series programs that each run for 5 weeks. The lessons are taught during the first 4 weeks, and the 5th week is for refining and showcasing with video and photography. Pole Flow is a pole class with a movement focus, and each series is themed and choreographed. Pole Flow is also designed to guide students to freestyle movement. Pole Tech focuses on pole technique, tricks, and combos. Each 5 week series is also themed.  While anyone is welcome to sign up for a series, we did make recommendations based on skill level. Look for B/I for Beginner/Intermediate and I/A for Intermediate/Advanced. The instructor will offer modifications to both simplify or challenge when appropriate. We recommend enrolling in an entire series to get the max benefit, but you may also drop in.  You’ll find Series classes both in the Enrollments tab, as well as on the Daily Schedule. 


Pole Flow entwines pole with fluid motion. Students work at their own level to incorporate several elements into a dance sequence. Open to all levels, but not recommended for absolute beginners. Pole Flow allows students a chance to be creative and grow in their movement in a fun, safe, and empowering way. Pole Flow runs for  90 minutes and includes a warm up, pole and movement instructions, and choreographed and/or improvised dance routines. The instructor will offer variations for the different skill levels in class.

Enchanted B/I
Thursdays @ 8pm 10/1 - 10/29
with Michelle

Enchanted is a magical 5 week series with a delightfully airy routine that will have your floating around the studio!  The routine is fully choreographed and allows for plenty of room to add your own flair. Cast a spell through your movement as you showcase your Enchanted routine! Anyone will find this class enjoyable, and we recommend it to Beginners who have completed B.E. Sexy and are ready to add some improv to their dance. 

The Dark Side I/A
Tuesdays @ 6:15 - 10/6 - 11/3 with Ariel

If you enjoy dancing in the moonlight, and find beauty in the darkness, you’ll love The Dark Side! Bring together elements of dance, pole, clothing, and music to create your own, very special story. Your instructor will guide you through different elements and how to use them. Rediscover movements through different shapes and textures. In the most sensual and organic of ways, you’ll create your masterpiece! This class is open to all skill levels, but is best suited for students who have been practicing consistently for at least 2 months. 

Foundation B/I
Sundays @ 10am 11/8 - 12/6 with Jeanine
Mondays @ 6:15pm 11/9 - 12/7 with Jeanine

Foundation is a movement focused program, which included elements of dance, yoga, pole, and sensual movement. Dakini empowers students to be comfortable in their bodies and move freely. Explore the art of striptease and chairplay, and create a routine with sensual pole and floor work. Foundation runs for 1 hour, and is open to all levels, even absolute beginners. Let your Journey begin! 


Pole Tech  focuses on the technical aspects of pole movements, such as grips and holds, spins, climbing, and inversions. This class is appropriate for anyone, but not recommended to beginners (who have taken less than 10 beginner classes.) Ask your instructor if this class is right for you. Pole Tech runs for 1 hour. Your instructor will guide you through a warm up, followed by instructions in pole movements. 

Bottomless Pit I/A
Tuesdays @ 8pm 10/6 - 11/3 with Ariel
Wednesdays @ 5:30 10/7 - 11/4 with Liz

Imagine a large gaping hole in the Earth with a shiny steel pole that travels down as far as you can see into the Bottomless Pit! You are a fierce, graceful explorer, and you are eager to dance your way down the hole. Through this fun, challenging series, learn an aerial combo of inversions, climbing and poses that will keep you off the floor (what floor?!) for a minute and counting! Challenge your classmates during week 5. 


Intro to Heels
Wednesdays @ 7:30 - 10/7 & 10/14 with Liz

This 2-part series will take you from Bambi to Vixen. Embrace your new-found height as you strut your way around the studio! We recommend taking Intro to Heels before taking Blush.

Blush - An Erotic Experience
Wednesdays @ 7:30 - 10/21 - 11/18 with Liz

Blush is an erotic experience designed to help you arouse your inner desires. The series consists of learning specific floorwork, spins around the pole and choreography. We will start the series by practicing some of the more common elements and later incorporate them into the choreo. During the class, we will focus on movement fluidity, shapes, and body alignment. Blush is about you and how you use your body to feel sexy. 


Classes on our Daily Schedule are available for drop-in. These classes include ISS, ISP, Choreo, Flexibility, Conditioning, Free Dance, and more! These classes are not curriculum-based and can be taken at your leisure. Not all classes listed are currently running, and additional classes will appear from time to time. These classes are free to our members, and non-members pay $25 per class. 

ISS (In-Studio Skills)

ISS is a 45 minute mini-class consisting of a 15 minute intense warm up. The instructor will lead you through a spin, climb and inversion, and take you through variations of each skill. This class is great for reinventing old tricks by practicing different variations. 

ISS (In-Studio Practice)

ISP is a 45 minute practice session supervised by an instructor. The session consists of a 15 minute self warm up, and then you may safely practice skills that you are working on. The instructor is there to advise and spot, but not to teach new things. 


Choreo is a 75 minute dance class. Explore movement off the pole! This upbeat class is perfect for those who are seeking to grow more in their dance/movement practice. We will be exploring techniques in the popular dance culture ranging from Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Contemporary. This class is perfect for all beginner and experienced dancers. 


Flexibility Training or Flex is a 1 hour dynamic stretching routine designed to build your flexibility in an organic, safe and healthy way. Work towards gaining splits, straddles and backbends. This class is a perfect compliment to your pole practice at Dakini! 


Pole Parties are the hottest trend for the discerning host! Make your evening a night to remember at Dakini Movement Studio. Birthdays, bachelorettes (be you 30 and flirty or 50 and nifty), girls’ night out, or any other occasion! A Dakini instructor will guide your group through a warm-up and provide instructions for pole tricks and dance routines. Accommodations can be made for all size parties, and the movement has something to offer everyone regardless of age, size, or fitness level. Everyone will have a great time!. 

Pole Party – $40  per head for up to 60 Minutes with a $120 minimum The party is a private class for you and your friends. The class includes a warmup, pole lesson, and a short choreographed dance routine.

*All Parties have a 5-person maximum with Covid. Parties must be paid in full prior to arrival. While sometimes we will be able to accommodate you on short notice, we recommend booking at least 1 month in advance.


Private lessons are a great way to develop your practice with some personal attention from your instructor. Work on a specific set of skills, movement, strength training, flexibility, or design your own! You can take a private on your own or with up to 3 friends, making it a private class. 

1 person – $60, 2 people – $100, 3 people – $135, 4 people – $160

Privates run for 1 hour. 


Rent the studio to practice for an upcoming performance or to just have some private time in the space. Studio rental is available upon request. Call the studio to book.

1 time rental – $40, Package of 3 rentals – $90

Rentals are for 1 hour

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