Dakini has a wide variety of classes to accommodate all skill levels from the absolute beginner to the seasoned trixter. We also offer several ways for you to take class. You’ll find class descriptions below – Beginner Pole, Next Level Pole, Specialty Classes, & ISP & OTP classes. If you are new to Dakini, we recommend that you take our 10 Day Trial – this includes all classes unlimited for 10 days.  If you would like access to more classes, we recommend our Limited or Unlimited Memberships. These are the BEST DEALS!  The Limited offer 5 pole classes per month and the Unlimited offers unlimited pole classes monthly – pole classes include beginner and next level pole classes. Also included in both memberships is unlimited access to ISP & OTP classes. Both memberships offer discounts on retail & workshops. If you prefer to take classes on a more casual basis, all classes can also be taken as drop-ins. Check out our Non-Member Pricing for pole and ISP & OTP classes. We also offer Studio Rental, Privates, & Parties. Scroll down for more info. 

Please call the studio if you have any questions. 



Beginner Pole Classes


Foundation is a movement focused program, which included elements of dance, yoga, pole, and sensual movement. Dakini empowers students to be comfortable in their bodies and move freely.  Create a routine with sensual pole and floor work. Foundation runs for 1 hour, and is open to all levels, even absolute beginners. Let your Journey begin!


Beginner Tech is a drop-in based class which introduces and builds on basic techniques. Learn spins, climbing, inversions, and combos. Develop good habits with healthy stretching, strength-training exercises, and increased body awareness.   You may start here or supplement your practice with Beginner classes.


ONLY $45

Dakini’s 10 DAY Trial offers unlimited access to all classes. We strongly recommend Foundation & Beginner Tech for beginners.  For New Students Only. 

Next Level Pole Classes


Wanna learn the art of freestyle? Passage is the place to do it! Passage bridges the gap between choreo and freestyle movement with fun activities that build movement awareness. Discover your freestyle through fun assignments and interactive activities. 


Journey is a multi-part, endless adventure through pole dancing. Each adventure is 4 weeks long, with weekly assignments that are designed to push your creative comfort level. Grow your movement through character development, emotional expression, as well as  partner and group activities.



The LIMITED MEMBERSHIP includes up to 5 pole classes monthly + Unlimited OTP & ISP. Limited Members also enjoy 10% off Retail & Workshops. Cancel anytime with 2 weeks written notice. 


Pole Flow is a 1 hour class offering a pole flow sequence, as well as in class activities that will introduce your body to a new way of moving. Pole Flow includes a mix of pole and floor work with group and individual dancing.   Appropriate for all levels.


1 hour class with an intense warm up followed by lessons in pole movement, and how to execute moves with strength and control .  We recommend that you comfortably be able to hold your body weight off off the floor before taking this class, as there is a heavy focus on inversions. 



The UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIP offers unlimited access to all classes + ISP & OTP Classes.  Members also enjoy 20% off Workshops & Retail. Cancel anytime with 2 weeks written notice. 

Specialty Classes

Let your movement speak! During this 1 hour pole-optional class, learn to tell a story through movement. Through exploration of emotions, textures, and past experiences, Storytelling guides you to tell a story through intentional movement. Open to all levels. 


2 1 Hour Specialty Classes offered occasionally. Sequence includes activities which combine different elements to create a sequence. Shadow includes activities where you lead or follow others, learning from the movements of your teacher and classmates. Both classes are interactive. 


Head Over Heels is a super fun way to get comfortable in the big girl shoes! Bring your Pleasers or any pair of heels from home, or go barefoot! Head Over Heels is a special version of Pole Flow, and will be offered for a limited time only. Open to all levels




 1  Class- $35 

5 Class Package – $150 

10 Class Package – $280

Classes expire 90 days from purchase date



ISP (In-Studio Practice)

ISP is a 45 minute practice session supervised by an instructor. The session consists of a 15 minute self warm up, and then you may safely practice skills that you are working on. The instructor is there to advise and spot, but not to teach new things.  FREE for members or $25 per session.

OTP (Off-The-Pole)

OTP classes include Yoga, Flex, Conditioning and any other class without a heavy pole focus. Yoga is a 1 Hour Vinyasa Flow, Flex is 1 hour deep stretch class, and Conditioning is for building strength & flexibility to accomplish bigger pole tricks and more detailed floor work. All classes compliment a pole practice or may be taken on their own. 



  ISP & OTP 

1 Class – $25, 5 Class Package – $100, 10 Class Package – $180  

Classes expire 90 days from purchase dat

Private Bookings


Rent the studio to practice for an upcoming performance or to just have some private time in the space. Studio rental is available upon request. 


Private lessons are a great way to develop your practice with some personal attention from your instructor. Work on a specific set of skills, movement, strength training, flexibility, or design your own! You can take a private on your own or with up to 3 friends, making it a private class.


Make your evening a night to remember at Dakini Movement Studio. Birthdays, bachelorettes (be you 30 and flirty or 50 and nifty), girls’ night out, or any other occasion! A Dakini instructor will guide your group through a warm-up and provide instructions for pole tricks and dance routines. Accommodations can be made for all size parties, and the movement has something to offer everyone regardless of age, size, or fitness level. Everyone will have a great time!. 



Rent the studio for $40 per hour or buy a package of 3 rentals for $100. Call the studio to check availability.


$70 for 1 person for hour. $130 for 2 people, $190 for 3 people or $250 for 4 people. Call the studio to book. 


Delight – 5 people for 1 hour – $300 Desire – 10 people for 90 min – $500 Deluxe 10 people for 90+ minutes + addons – $800+ 



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