Dakini is for all women regardless of age, size, shape, physical ability, or background. No prior dance, yoga, or fitness training of any kind is required. While learning the basics, new students will be trained in various strength and flexibility techniques, which will coincide with the introduction of tricks that are more physically challenging.

Dakini is a unique style of movement. It’s much more than a workout or a pole dancing class; it’s a planned dance curriculum. Each student progresses at their own rate, through three different levels. Each level offers new challenges that correspond with the student’s growth in technical skill and self-confidence. In addition to pole movements, students explore sensuality through floor movements, personalized assignments, and the use of clothing and props. Most pole fitness programs offer only pole tricks, whereas Dakini is a journey of self-exploration.

We offer pole classes for all skill levels from absolute beginners to seasoned practitioners. If you are visiting from another studio, call and we will make recommendations appropriate for your previous experience and capability. Please check out our Classes page for more information.

We also book Private Sessions and Parties, which we can customize to meet your needs.

We recommend Intro to Pole followed by Beginner. Flow and Tech are also suitable for all levels, but it's best to take a free classes before moving into those programs.

You may wear anything that you will be comfortable moving in, such as workout or yoga attire. No shoes are allowed in the studio, so we recommend coming with shoes that are easy to take on and off. Bare feet are recommended during class. Socks are acceptable, be warned that you may slide too much. Do not apply hand or body lotion the day of clas

You can arrange to meet with Jeanine to determine what classes will be appropriate for your skill level. Dakini is more about the sensuality and ownership of your movement than it is about any one dance or fitness component, and it is important that you understand the names and basic choreography we use before jumping into an upper level class. You may want to take some private lessons to catch your dance up with your pole tricks, so that you will feel comfortable in an upper level class.

Yes! You can drop in to any class, as long as there is room and you have completed the necessary pre-requisites. Drop in classes are best used as a supplement to your regular weekly series class. To check availability in a class, please use the client portal or MindBody Connect.

You can make up in any other class of the same type on the schedule, as long as there is room in the class. It’s best to stay within the same week, because Dakini classes are on a set curriculum. If you miss an entire week, we constantly review- it’s easy to catch up. Be aware, due to the limited availability in each class, we ask that you please cancel at least five hours before your scheduled class time. Any classes cancelled within five hours of the scheduled time are forfeit and will count towards your paid class package.

It’s always great to have a pole at home, but it’s not a necessity. Even though the pole tricks are a part of class, the main focus is movement and sensuality. Most of the strength and flexibility that you will develop happens during our warm up, which is done on the floor, and every pole movement has a similar floor variation. In class, you will have plenty of exposure to the pole, and you will also have the benefit of having your instructor right there to help you set up and spot you. Most students are completely satisfied with the amount of pole time that they get in class and feel no need for a pole at home. Taking an extra class during the week is a great way to get in a little extra pole time.

Dakini Movement LLC deals in X Pole and Platinum Stages. We have installment plans and packages available, ask Jeanine for details or recommendations.

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