Welcome to our new site!

We’ve been hard at work creating new programs and building a new site! A lot has changed, but a lot has remained the same. It’s hard to tell where we are in this pandemic journey. I would never have thought that I would be sitting here in October, and that we would still be lockdown. Is this the middle? Are we near the end? Or, are we still at the beginning? It’s all perspective, I suppose. 

We starting reopening the studio in June, after a talk with the township officials here in Warren. Classes will be limited to 4 participants for the foreseeable future. We’ve also adopted many new cleaning protocols, and the list keeps on growing. We are doing temperature checks, socially distancing in the room, and we are no longer sharing supplies. Implementing these new polices has gone a lot easier than we expected. Our wonderful community was eager to get back, and we are all working together to keep the studio safe. 

I will go into a bit more detail about Covid protocols and the new programs in the next blogs. We post on Facebook and Instagram, and we send out emails, but the blog is a great place to get all the most current information on Dakini. Check back regularly for more posts. 

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