Dakini movement is absolutely amazing! It is a great way to workout, have fun, and express yourself through dance by digging deep into emotions and expressions that you have no idea that you could tap into. Jeanine is a fantastic teacher who has a lot of knowledge about pole and is able to balance your capabilities in an individualized manner. Can't say enough great things about Dakini and Jeanine! I love it!!!!!

Judy M.

Dakini Aerial Movement
I'm so glad I found Dakini. For two hours every week the world slips aways and I get to focus on me in a supportive environment with the greatest group of women!

Kasey Q.

Dakini Aerial Movement
Dakini is an amazing, supportive and fun environment to discover your femininity and strength. For me, I am challenged physically while being fully supported emotionally. Jeanine has really begun something revolutionary with this movement. It is not only pole movement, you are guided through soft and easy dance moves that unleashes parts of you you may have forgotten were there. If you are brave enough to try something new, I know you'll love it!!

Megan H.


Dakini Aerial Movement

This is a great program. Jeanine has structured a class program that really supports the student's individual growth. The room is dimly lit which I feel allows the students to really explore their movement without feeling self-conscious. The new studio has five poles. The classes are generally small, so although we sometimes share poles, it's usually 3 or fewer to a pole (I, personally, have never been in a class that was more than 11 or 12 students, and that was rare, so sharing has never been a problem in my experience). I think this is great because I get a chance to rest between moves and it's fun to support and be supported by my fellow classmates. Which brings me to the other students... Part of the reason why Dakini is so much fun is the camaraderie between the students! We all support each other, cheer each other on, and basically have an amazing time watching each other's movements. It's so much fun that I forget that I'm getting a workout!

Another great thing about Dakini is the confidence boost I've gotten. I didn't think I had that big of a body image issue, but before I started taking classes here, there was no way I would have walked out of class in short shorts (which are necessary for climbing and inverting in pole class). I have taken hot yoga classes before and I was always self-conscious about my legs and tushy in short shorts so I would wear longer shorts and I'd still be self conscious. Now, I don't think twice about walking out of class in my little shorts and I have no issue wearing short shorts in hot yoga classes. It might not seem like a big deal, but it really made an impression on me.

So, in a nutshell: The Dakini studio is gorgeous, the students who go are fantastic and supportive, the program is structured well, and Jeanine (and her other teachers) are wonderful!

I highly suggest giving it a try.

Kim B.

Dakini Aerial Movement
I don't know what I would do without Dakini!! I took formal dance training up until college when it was time to "grow up" and focus on a "real world" career. Since then I have been looking to fill this "void"- I took random salsa, belly dancing, yoga, and pilates classes over the years trying to rekindle that same passion I felt while dancing. Nothing has brought me back like Dakini! Jeanine creates a comfortable, fun, and supportive environment for all her students- regardless of skill level. The practice is the perfect balance of dance, personal movement, and aerial acrobatics! I get so much out of each class! Hands down would recommend this to anyone looking to rediscover themselves in a positive light.

Katelyn G.

Dakini Aerial Movement 

Dakini is the most rewarding and energizing workout I have in my life. I learn something new in every class and leave feeling confident, relaxed, and rewarded. Possibly the greatest thing about Dakini is the awareness and acceptance of how different bodies move differently, and the emphasis on creating a movement that is truly yourself and your body, which creates an incredibly non-intimidating and supportive environment. The classes are fun and exciting, and are a great workout, but are the most fun workout one can ask for.

Rachel P.

Dakini Aerial Movement

I have always loved fitness but have never had any upper body strength until Dakini. After just a few months I was able to climb the pole effortlessly and flip upside down. There are so many different tricks so I am always learning something new!

What's more than the physical aspect of Dakini is the peace of mind that comes with every class. I never had much appreciation for my body until Dakini. Through her teaching, Jeanine has taught me how to love and accept my body for what it is. I am so happy that I have found this incredible mind and body class.

Leah S.

Dakini Aerial Movement
It took me months to actually get up the courage to take a Dakini class, and once I took an intro I was astounded by the beauty and elegance of the Dakini dancers. I was reluctant to start because I thought that I would never be able to dance like that. After talking to Jeanine and some of the other girls, I was surprised to learn that most did not have any formal dance training. I signed up, and now I am hooked! The possibilities are endless.... pole tricks, dancing, costumes, etc. I feel challenged, exhilarated, and free in each class! It took me a while to get here, but I am never leaving!!

Jesse L.


Dakini Aerial Movement
I started taking Dakini classes about a year ago and have been hooked ever since. I always leave class feeling energized and proud of myself. The tricks and moves that we learn are not always easy, but Jeanine makes everyone feel comfortable about trying them and letting the trick become whatever it turns out to be. The environment is so supportive and welcoming as well, which makes this movement that much more enjoyable. I can't imagine what other type of fitness I could possibly do instead, because it doesn't seem like there is anything better than Dakini!

Sydney P.


Dakini Aerial Movement
Dakini is great. It's more and more fun the more comfortable I get with the tricks and psyche of letting go, being in the moment and allowing myself to just feel and not think. I'm amazed how Dakini transcends the confines of the class itself and creates overall self acceptance, awareness, and self confidence in all areas of life. Totally cool, huh? So grateful I found you and your class!! I don't know if it's making me a better person, but it's definitely making me more me : )

Deirdre S.


Dakini Aerial Movement
Dakini is a class for ALL women... it will make you feel great about yourself, challenge you in ways you never thought possible and you will have fun!! I have been taking class for 1 1/2 years and Dakini has become a regular part of my life. I encourage anyone reading this to just take an intro class and see for yourself what it's about ...you will thank me later!!

Christine F.


Dakini Aerial Movement
I met Jeanine 2 years ago, when I first started pole dancing. Jeanine is an incredible instructor and an amazing empowering woman. She inspired me to explore with music, feelings and costumes in my dance. Her feedback after classes made me reflect on my own movement, and her motivation to go beyond what was safe for me helped me improve class after class. I've never before been more in tune with my body, and thanks to her and her movement, I now embrace my curves and appreciate my body just as it is.

Mystical Nite NYC


Dakini Aerial Movement
“I feel confident and comfortable with myself from the support and encouragement that Jeanine gave. Jeanine is such a great teacher! I love it and I can't imagine my life without it!”

Dakini Aerial Movement
“Through movement I have found self-acceptance, self-love, self-appreciation. When I approached The Dakini Movement it was all about getting out of my group exercise teaching rut. Exercise had been a means to an end for me; a paycheck and bigger than that, an ease to my eating disorder, body bashing brain. For years I beat my body up mentally and physically. Over-exercising, bingeing and purging, comparing myself to others. “I’m too big, too saggy, too flabby, my stomach protrudes...” Constant putdowns. Wishing I would one day wake up and all my insecurities would be gone. And then it happened. I found Dakini.I was mesmerized when I first saw the women dance. I’d found them all to be attractive at first sight but after watching them dance they were stunning, they literally took my breath away. I would watch them walk out onto the floor, the music would start, and their body would soften and sway, their hands exploring their bodies. Physically they were here, mentally they were gone, completely in the moment. Eye’s closed, disconnected from the rest of the world but completely connected w/ themselves. Fear started to creep in that first time as I realized I would be asked to dance. All my insecurities surfaced. “I’m not as pretty as them, they’ve been doing it so much longer, I’m too fat, too flabby, too big, too klutzy….” And TOUCH MYSELF? I could never, my body is gross! But, I did it, and I haven’t been the same woman since.I’m not going to say after my first dance I suddenly lost all my insecurities, but every dance I’ve done since then I walk off that floor feeling a little more confident, more confident about my self as a woman and so much more confident about my body. Not only confident about my body, but accepting it and…get this…even LOVING it. My movement is just beginning but I realize my body is such a big part in how I move. My curves are soft and I feel they express my softness. For so many years I’ve tried to get rid of these curves and now I can’t imagine dancing without them. I even find myself walking around the house naked more than ever…dimpled thighs and all!I’d like to thank Jeanine Caparoso for creating the movement and changing my life. And thank you to all the women I’ve met since my journey began. You all know who you are.”


Dakini Aerial Movement
I began pole dancing three and a half years ago, and Jeanine was my teacher for most of that time...and she is amazing and so much fun!! Her classes were the beginning of a very empowering, sensual, divinely feminine journey for me...one which continues to impart pleasure into my life to this day!! I cannot begin to tell you all the positive effects pole dancing has had on me...increased self-confidence, a tighter, more toned physique...and an I-can-do-anything mindset!!

Laurie M.NY

Dakini Aerial Movement
It’s an amazing feeling to just get out of your head and completely let go. Being in a judgment free zone where your only task is to celebrate every curve in your body. After long days at work, stressful weeks, I look forward to the "me" time spent just openly enjoying myself. To be able to just cut loose and let go sometimes, and if there's anywhere to do that, its with Jeanine at Dakini. Not only have I felt the difference in my physical strength, but also a change in something as simple as the way I walk down the street... I absolutely love it.

Megan S.NY

Dakini Aerial Movement
I had been looking for a pole dancing class for a while when I stumbled upon a deal for Dakini--best move I ever made. You go once or twice, and you're hooked! Jeanine is an excellent teacher and very patient. And everyone in the class is very supportive of one another, so your self-confidence, along with your upper body strength, keeps increasing. This is something any woman can do regardless of body shape or size, and you will see improvement if you stick with it. And best of all, it's FUN! The new studio is also a wonderful, comfortable space. I drive 50 minutes each way every week because this is my favorite workout.

Tara S.

Dakini Aerial Movement 

My journey with pole dancing started with Jeanine Caparoso almost four years ago, now as a Dakini instructor myself I am proud to share her passion and vision with all the women out there who are looking for something different as a workout and above all fun, all this in a trusting environment.Every week I can't wait to go to class and it's been like that since the start. I always appreciate Jeanine approach to this movement that helped me grow as woman in ways that I did not expect, especially from a pole dancing class! I highly recommend Dakini to all the women out there who want a challenge and want to dare with something different!

Laura L.

Dakini Aerial Movement
I started Dakini June 2010 and have been hooked ever since. I have lost 20lbs so far. My strength and flexibility have greatly increased and I am so much more aware and proud of my body. Jeanine is a superb instructor. I especially love that the room is dimly lit and we dance with bare feet. There is no judgement in this class. Try it, you might fall in love with it just like me.

Jennifer M.

Dakini Aerial Movement
Each class that I have taken at Dakini has been just what I needed. A way to let go and enjoy myself and also getting a bit of a work out at the same time!Jeanine the owner & instructor at Dakini is nothing but kind, patient and extremely well knowledged when it comes to teaching such an amazing art-form. I've struggled to learn a few things over the course of the classes and after lots of practice and encouragement I managed to accomplish several goals that I set for myself at the beginning of the session so far!

Megan S.

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