For a limited time only, we are offering Winter Class Pass! 20 Classes for $400 or 10 Classes for $200! All classes must be used within 3 months of the purchase date. For all Beginner & Signature Classes!!









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5 Beginner Pole Classes

Customers participating in this Groupon deal must purchase  the 5 class option through (We do not sell Groupon). Customers may only participate in 1 deal through the life of the campaign.  Cannot be combined with other deals. All Beginner Pole classes must be used by the same person. This Groupon deal is open to new students only

The deal expires 120 days after the date of purchase, and all classes must be used within that time.

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Using Your Groupon Deal

Once the Groupon is purchased, visit and create an account. When scheduling classes, you will be lead to our online schedule. At this time, you can select the Groupon that you purchased, and the classes will be added to your account, and made available to schedule.  You won't be charged because we will assume that you have already paid through Groupon.

Register as soon as you purchase. Upon registering in our system, you'll be given 4 months to use your classes... we will adjust as needed. Go by the Groupon expiration date, not the expiration date given by the studio. When your Groupon is expired, unused classes are lost. NO EXCEPTIONS! 

Upon your first visit, bring your Groupon voucher.... you can print it out or you can show us the voucher on your smart phone or iPhone. We need the barcode # (which is typically 8 digits). Once we collect this info, we will adjust the expiration date to the one on your Groupon.

All classes must be used by the expiration date shown on your Groupon.

If you are a returning student, you must call or email the studio to have the Groupon added to your account, and you must meet all criteria in order to use a deal. If you participated in a Groupon or Living Social deal after 2016, you do not qualify. 

Register for all classes. We like to keep classes small, and max out at 10 participants. You will not be permitted to take class if you are not on the roster and the class is full. 

Late cancelling (cancelling within 5 hours of class start time) or No-showing for a class that you are registered for will result in the loss of one of your classes. 

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