Idakini Blog | Dakini Movement Studio | Warren, NJ 07059
Idakini Blog | Dakini Movement Studio | Warren, NJ 07059
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Free Community Classes at Dakini!!

Our fabulous trainees will be leading Pole Flow I classes over the next couple of weeks!!! Preregister and take class for FREE!! Upcoming Dates: Thursday November 12th @ 4:30pm with Amy Saturday November 14th @ 2:30pm with Amy Saturday November 14th @ 4:15pm with Alexis Saturday November 14th @ 6pm with Brittany Sunday November 15th @ 2:30pm with Crystal Sunday November 15th @ 4:15pm with Deja Tuesday November 17th @ 4:30pm with Alexis Saturday November 21st @ 2:30pm with Brittany Sunday November 22nd @ 3pm with Crystal Saturday November 28th @ 2:30pm with Deja

Dakini 2016 Calendar

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 4.09.29 PM
This amazing calendar featuring some beautiful ladies from our community is sure to be a collector's item!! Supplies are limited!! Pre-order yours by 11/11 for just $20!! Don't miss out!!!

This Week in Dakini...

Hi Ladies!!

I can't believe that it is September already!! Summer has been very busy, and there have been some changes at the studio. I'm sure that most of you know that the entire studio, and all classes are now completely in the main studio (downstairs). We've created a fitness room in the back. And, we've streamlined our class schedule :) Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to the upstairs space, but overall the change is really good for the studio, and will allow us to do more. 

Some of you probably remember that I used to blog pretty regularly before all the website changes. I've been a little slow in getting back to this on our newest site, but I plan to make it a regular thing. So, please check in to find out about what's happening at the studio. 

Classes, Changes, and Schedule Changes

You've probably noticed that the names on the schedule have changed for our pole classes. This is to make the schedule a little easier to read for new students who did not recognize the pole classes by the names that we've always gone by (Foundation, Passage, Journey). I would frequently get calls from women asking, "when are the pole classes?" or saying, "there are no pole classes on your schedule." After 4 years of this, I finally gave in, and renamed: Foundation;Pole Flow I, Passage;Pole Flow II, and Journey;Pole Flow III. While these classes will always be known as Foundation, Passage, and Journey to us, the new names definitely make things easier for people visiting our site for the first time. 

The programs themselves have not changed much. Pole Flow I (Foundation) is now 4 - 4 week sections, and each class runs for 75 minutes. Pole Flow II (Passage) will run for 8 - 4 week sections, and each class runs for 90 minutes. Pole Flow III (Journey) is infinite. For Pole Flow II and Pole Flow III, we are trying something different with assignments. Rather than send out a general assignment to all students, we are going to give personalized assignments or assignments by class. Assignments will be given out to students who come to the same class consistently. 

We are also offering Pole Tech I, II, and III. The level of tricks in Pole Tech is typically just a little more intense than the coinciding Pole Flow class. But, this is done intentionally. If you are going to take Pole Tech, you might as well challenge yourself! 

Check our schedule for Pole Flow and Pole Tech classes :)

Body Sculpt is offered on Mondays & Wednesdays @ 5pm, and Saturdays @ 1:30pm. Darlene is also available for personal training on request. Ask about the 6 Week Body Sculpt Challenge!! The girls who have done it, and are doing it are getting amazing results!! 

Yoga runs on Saturdays & Sundays @ 8:45am. Deep Stretch fans should definitely take yoga.... it's the best way to build flexibility and balance! 

Photo of the Week Contest!

Post your best Pole Photo on Instagram or Facebook and win a short and tank set!! Winners chosen weekly through the month of September!! 

Tag @idakini or #dakinimovementstudio

Anna Grundstrom Workshop - Sunday September 20th

In this class we’ll work on moving between tricks on the pole to create good flowing combos. We’ll be using basic technique with 2- and 3- points of contact, on spinner and static. Most of the combos contain basic inverts such as various types of leg- hangs, superman, inner thigh holds, shoulder mounts, etc mixed with more advanced/new moves that focus more on strength and flexibility.  We will play with alternative grips, shapes and transitions. The goal is to be able to move through a 3-5 trick combo going both up and down the pole.

2 Hours  - $60 - Sign Up Now!

*Recommended pre-requisite skills: Basic bicep grip invert and shoulder mount, invert from climb, leg- hangs, butterfly

Pole Competition in NYC - October 24th & 25th

A whole bunch of our Dakini lovelies will be competing in the North East Aerial Arts Championship next month!! Tickets will be available soon!! Come out and see the show, and support our girls!! 

Tickets available at

More to come. Stay tuned!!

New Site!!

Welcome to the new Dakini Movement Studio site!! It should be a lot easier to navigate. There are still some things that we are working on, but will have all pages completed soon. Let us know what you think.

Dakini Movement Studio

Tone your body, awaken your senses,
free your mind with Dakini Movement !!

The Dakini Movement studio offers classes in pole dancing, aerial acrobatics, fitness, and yoga for all skill levels. Dakini is a movement for women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and backgrounds. No prior fitness or dance experience is required to start taking class. Just come with an open mind.

The studio is conveniently located in Central New Jersey, and is open 7 days a week. Dakini is a unique style of movement that brings together elements of ballet, yoga and pole dancing. It will change the way you feel about your body… and the way you move.

Experience it for yourself!!