Ashley Molson

Ashley Molson instructs the following:
  • Bliss Yoga - Donation
  • Bring cash to this donation based class. Donations benefit Dakini creator, Jeanine Caparoso in her fight against breast cancer.
    Bliss Yoga is a class inspired by Svaroopa Yoga. Svaroopa focuses on opening the core abdominal muscles of the body in order to decompress the spine through releasing tensions in the muscles that wrap around the spine. Svaroopa yoga is healing on all levels. Each student will receive customized - one on one - support throughout the class. At the end you'll feel like you received a three hour massage. Svaroopa is about being in your body versus your body being in action.

    Svaroopa is Sanskrit for "your own inherent divinity"

    It is body friendly. Anyone can do this yoga regardless of experience, flexibility or fitness.