dakini: n.

In Tibetan Buddhism, the female embodiment of enlightened energy; 'sky dancer.'

Inspired by this goddess, we at Dakini incorporate elements of yoga, ballet, and pole dancing to create a uniquely empowering, sensual and fun full-body workout.

We offer a variety of pole classes for all levels, so that you can truly experience self-discovery through dance and exercise. Join us in overcoming judgement and expectation, fall in love with your unique movement, and appreciate all that your body has to offer.

Situated in downtown Warren, NJ, the Dakini Movement studio is approximately 1500 square feet, and includes a private studio with five poles, changing area, and a boutique.

Our talented team of amazing women will be there through every step of your Dakini journey. As students themselves, they found self confidence and power within Dakini Movement and want to share that experience with everyone. All of our instructors have been certified by Jeanine to teach, and each are encouraged to bring their own flair and style to their classes. Find out more here!

We offer everything that you need for your Dakini practice. Our boutique includes shorts, tank tops, knee pads, Tite Grip, Dry Hands, Arnica Gel, and more. Dakini is an X-pole dealer, and you can order your X-Pole, ITac, DVDs, and all other XPole products through us!

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